The Lesson of Apologizing in Modern Family

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The Lesson of Apologizing in Modern Family

Do you dare to apologize? Everyone must feel difficult to apologize to other people. When a brother and his younger brother get a fought, and later they become anger toward each other; it must make them uneasy to say sorry, even for the one who starts the fight. Nowadays, the problem of apologizing to others or to admitting the mistake to others becomes very harder because, according to the recent research, it deals more with ego strength than with the complexity of the problem. However, one quote is fit to teach us about the act of apologizing, “Apologizing doesn’t always mean you’re wrong and the other person is right. It means you value your relationship more than your ego.” Similarly, in the television sitcom Modern Family, the viewers will also learn about apologizing through the main characters of Pritchett’s family who are the father, Jay along with his daughter Claire Dunphy and his son Mitchell Pritchett. Furthermore, the viewers of Modern Family are taught about many worthy lessons of apologizing toward each other because the characters really appreciate their relationship as a family.

The sitcom Modern Family has the three families in the sitcom, the first is Jay Pritchett’s family together with his second wife, Gloria, and his step-son, Manny; the second family is Jay’s daughter, Claire Dunphy, with his husband, Phil Dunphy and their three children, Haley, Alex and Luke; and the last family is Jay’s son, Mitchell Pritchett along with his husband, Cameron Tucker and their daughter Lily. Despite all of their weaknesses as family, Jay has the gap with his second wife because his wife is younger than him, and she is a sexy Columbian women; Claire Dunphy has difficulty to raise the children with his naïve husband; and Mitchell who deals in same-sex marriage with Cameron; the three of them bring one important moral lesson for the whole family in the world which is love the family no matter how bad they are. The three families in Modern Family also tries to mirror our society through the media. It is about how difficult to raise children, how to deal with other people opinions of having a younger wife, how to admit having a same-sex marriage, the difficulty to have a new family member, the use of gadget for teenager, etc. Moreover, through a deeper analysis, the sitcom also tries to surface the need of apologizing toward each member of family. It is really a good moral lesson to the viewer because nowadays, it is very difficult to say apologize to other people especially to the family members.

Tronsborg (1995, p. 373) said, “an apology is called for when social norms have been violated…. When a person has performed an act (action or utterance), or failed to do so, which has offended another person, and for which he/she can be held responsible, the offender needs to apologize. The act of apologizing requires an action or an utterance which is intended to ‘set things right’.” The act of apologizing in Modern Family can be seen when DeDe, the biological mother of Claire and Mitchell was asking for apologize to Gloria for ruining her wedding with Jay.

DeDe: I want to tell you how sorry for ruining your wedding. I was struggling with being alone, and Jay moves on with a smart, young, and beautiful woman. I don’t expect you to forgive me. If I were you, I’d want to punch me right in the mouth.
GLORIA: I think we’ve had enough revenge in this family for one day. I forgive you.

The DeDe’s gesture and face expression are really convincing that she has a good intention to ask for apologize even though at the end, they end up by having a fought. Despite the end did not run smooth, at least the intention of apologizing can be a good example of the whole family.

Moreover, it is also reflected through Claire who asks for apologize to Gloria because she called Gloria a gold digger. Although, through Claire’s gesture and face expression, she doesn’t really seem to apologize to Gloria. However, at the end she apologizes to Gloria by fulfilling Gloria’s wish. She sacrifices herself to jump to the pool and make herself wet. Therefore, Claire teaches us how to apologize by sacrificing herself.

In conclusion, the sitcom is worth watching because it tells us a good lesson in a simple and funny way. The viewers will be able to learn how to apologize to the other family members because they appreciate and love their family very much. It will make the viewers know the value of a family.


Created by Maria Fransisca